autumn churns the sky
over Bryant Park
black bag sails for Rome

fan interference
at Wrigley Field
a scapegoat is born

leaves on the ground
now cast their own shadows
as trees lose theirs

October air
clears the cobwebs even
out of my brain


ten years of childhood
no, make that eight
lived over again for eighty

grass in the park
brand new sod
reborn in midtown

my bicycle lock
city fashion
accessory to crime

how many horns
honk broadway thru its day?
I only hear the first thousand

baglady bundles on her
two wheeled cart
my pockets are empty for her

dead leaf lands
on my notebook
as i wait to turn the page

cold hands write slow
as the mind clears
and the heart pounds

like a city window at eleven
old flame flickers and goes dark
she has forgotten me

two more haiku
and I can return
to my corral

autumn again?
my mind slows
as the world spins faster


October street
more leaves than trash
this month

frantic dash
in the sweeper's wake
park with the flow

peeler man hawks
on 42nd and 6th
how much for the scraps?

two lovers on phones
enjoy the park
in three different worlds

at Google today
the center of the universe
maximizers concatenate

china doll in the window
wants so badly
to lift her skirt

baby in Times Square
lies in his limo
while mommy gawks

is there milk
in the blue bottle?
Calvin Klein underpants

are you Jewish?
stranger asks.
he'll give you a blessing

sun dried worms
on the walk
crunch under my sneakers